You can find quite a few advanced technologies here at Van Isle Ford. One of the most advanced options we offer is Ford’s car infotainment system, Sync 3. It pushes beyond other car infotainment system setups you can get with other brands, which makes for a more enjoyable experience. Learn more about what this cutting-edge technology can do for your life.
Voice Controls
While controlling different features in your vehicle using just your voice certainly isn’t unusual these days, the technology is often far less than perfect. With Ford Sync 3, voice controls become more practical, because you can just speak naturally. The latest hardware and software can understand what you’re saying, so no more memorizing strange phrases just so you can talk to the infotainment system.
Sync AppLink also lets you control some of your mobile apps using your voice. Once again, that means you can do more on the go, without putting your safety at risk.
Bringing you the next level in onboard convenience, Ford+Alexa means you get to enjoy some of the features of Amazon Alexa while on the go. The app, which works through Sync 3 AppLink, provides over 30,000 Skills, plus control of certain smart home devices, and even Amazon Prime shopping. Essentially, you can order an item you forgot, turn the lights at your house on or off, and do other useful things all with the power of your voice.
Improved Navigation
Getting to where you need to go shouldn’t be a hassle, which is why Sync 3 will keep you happy. The available navigation system and SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link help you enter in any destination without a runaround. That means you can find that obscure antique shop, or pinpoint the exact location of a friend’s home, even in the most confusing areas. Use the system to find top-rated nearby restaurants, a grocery store, ATM, or anything else necessary.
What’s more, you benefit from adaptive search results, which are customized according to your personal preferences. Turn-by-turn directions spoken out loud by the system means you keep your eyes on the road, instead of looking at a screen, increasing safety and decreasing the chance you’ll miss a turn. Even if you do go the wrong direction, the system will provide an updated pathway.
To help you deal with any events along the way, the navigation system provides traffic updates, suggesting alternate routes. You even can see the weather info for any stretch of road, helping you to be prepared.
Mobile WiFi
Your phone’s data plan only stretches so far, and the available Sync Connect feature helps you stay informed and connected without impacting it. The in-vehicle WiFi hotspot can handle up to 10 devices connected to high-speed Internet at once. That means you can access email, social media, and even stream music while traveling just about anywhere.
This WiFi connection even works outside of the car, up to 50 feet away. That’s perfect for outdoor gatherings of any kind.
Thanks to the FordPass service, you can track WiFi usage and manage your data plan.
Try out the new Sync 3 infotainment system today by visiting us at Van Isle Ford.