Windshields come in many sizes. A Ford F-150 has a much larger surface than a Ford Focus; an Explorer’s glass is bigger than the Fiesta. But one thing is true for each of them: if you can’t clearly see through your windshield, it’s not safe to drive. That’s why your Ford has wiper blades.
Your wipers deteriorate with use and over time, exposed to environmental elements. The rubber edge takes a beating, and soon they don’t clear the windshield like they used to. An important part of car maintenance is knowing when to replace a windshield wiper, a quick service your Ford service centre can perform. These four symptoms will tell you when your wiper blades need to be changed.

Skipping Wipers

When you use your windshield wipers, there should be a smooth, consistent motion that clears the full viewing area. If your wipers skip along, leaving drippy water lines along their path, it’s a good indication they’ve exceeded their life expectancy. The rubber blade edge has likely hardened, and the wiper blades aren’t able to glide over the glass like new ones can.

Streaking Wipers

If your wiper blades leave horizontal streaks that just won’t clear, they might be dirty and need to be cleaned. More likely, there are tiny tears in the rubber blade edge, allowing water to pass through and leave streaks. You should replace a windshield wiper that leaves streaks behind.

Splitting Wiper Blades

The rubber edge can wear out, or it can split. You’ll know wiper blades are split when you can see a thin strip of rubber dangling from one end or the other, or both. Obviously, the area where the wipers are split won’t clear well and obscure your vision badly. You’ll need to change a split wiper blade right away.

Squeaking Noise

A wiper blade will squeak when it’s rubbing against a dry windshield. But if wipers are squeaking when the windshield is wet, it’s a sign that it’s wearing out. The rubber edge has worn and is telling you that it can’t do its job well anymore.

What is Typical Windshield Wiper Maintenance?

Whenever you fill your tank with gas, it’s a good idea to give your wiper blades a quick cleaning. Gently wash the wipers with windshield washer fluid on a soft cloth to remove grit that has accumulated.
Even with consistent windshield wiper maintenance, wipers will usually need to be replaced every six to twelve months.
There are two good times to replace a windshield wiper: when visibility is impacted, and when you have your vehicle in for car maintenance at your Ford service centre. During the multi-point inspection, you’ll receive during every visit to the Ford service centre at Van Isle Ford, your wiper blades will be checked for proper operation and condition. It’s the perfect time to have a new set of wiper blades installed on your Ford, ensuring you can see everything that’s coming down the road.